Frequently Asked Questions – Social media marketing

How’s your online presence and social media marketing strategy? I often get asked on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn social media questions. *A great way to answer them and keep them in a safe place is by writing a blog post and answering these questions.* So…Let’s get started: What social media platforms should I have for […]

Elevate your Instagram Bio and Attract Dream Patients

When was the last time you updated your Instagram Bio? I suggest you take the time today and look over it. Make sure you have your name, a current picture and explain in a simple way what you do. Your Instagram Bio is the first thing people see when they go into your page. Therefore, […]

Content Ideas For Your Social Media Accounts

Coming up wiht content ideas can be stressful. But keeping it fun and changing it up is so important. You want your audience to feel entertained, you also want to educate them and you want them to enjoy the content you are posting. I am here to help you out and share content ideas for […]

Save time – Plan & Schedule your Social Media Content

There’s nothing better than starting a week and knowing your social media content is planned and scheduled! When you plan your content you know you will be posting quality content that aligns with your brand and content you know your followers will love. I don’t know about you, but that’s a win in my books. […]

Apps all Dental Offices need to use to elevate their social media game.

Social media takes time and planning. It was a while back when you could post random pictures at whatever time you wanted without intention behind it. In today’s blog post I’ll be sharing apps that will help when it comes to your social media. These days if you want to elevate your social media marketing […]

Why hire a Social Media Manager for your Dental Office?

Are your social media efforts getting the results you want? Ever consider hiring a Social Media Manager? Maybe you are on the edge but are not sure if they can provide value? I am here to tell you…a social media manager is more than someone posting pretty pictures on your Instagram or Facebook page. We […]