Content Ideas For Your Social Media Accounts

Coming up wiht content ideas can be stressful. But keeping it fun and changing it up is so important. You want your audience to feel entertained, you also want to educate them and you want them to enjoy the content you are posting.

I am here to help you out and share content ideas for your social media accounts:

  • Oral health: Share the importance of such big topics in the dental field.

~Why it is so important to brush.

~Why it’s important to visit the dentist and hygienist.

~Explain why the alignment of teeth is so important for overall health.

  • Community events: as a dental office you have to be part of the community. Sharing about the events going on and the ones you will be attending is a great piece of content.

~Activities such as a fun fundraiser or a community BBQ.

  • New equipment: investing in new and innovative equipment is part of owning a dental office. Many of these pieces of equipment not only benefit the practice but the client care. Share how these pieces of equipment are going to help, share how you will be more efficient and save time. 
  • Team members: don’t only share about how long they have been a receptionist or a hygienist. Share more…such as:

~Activities they like to do outside of the office.

~Do they like to travel?

~Is one of your assistants pregnant? 

  • Treatments: talking about your treatments on social media is a great way to educate patients on the importance of each. Many patients come into the dental office nervous about what treatment they are going to need, do they have a cavity? Do they need a crown? Take advantage of social media and educate patients. 
  • Research articles: online you are able to find lots of research worth sharing and giving your opinion about. These can be research about fluoride or charcoal toothpaste. These topics are talked about a lot, people tend to have different opinions and some hate it others love it. So what better place to talk about it than on social media.

There are many more content ideas you can share about, just be creative. Make sure the content is always answering your why and align with your brand and beliefs.

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