Elevate your Instagram Bio and Attract Dream Patients

When was the last time you updated your Instagram Bio? I suggest you take the time today and look over it. Make sure you have your name, a current picture and explain in a simple way what you do.

Your Instagram Bio is the first thing people see when they go into your page. Therefore, it’s the first impression they will have. Taking the time to perfect it is KEY. 

Have you added your website, phone number and even your address? This is very important information that business owners tend to look over. It is very important to have a BIO that represents you and your brand.

Take the time today and go over it. Make sure you portray your message and have all your contact information up-to-date.

Here’s a list of areas you need to look over:
  • Profile picture: add the logo of your dental office. Use the same one throughout your social media platforms. Using the same picture allows potential clients and existing ones to recognize and know that it’s YOU.
  • Name (Dental Office Name): under your picture, on the next line add the name of your office. This is going to help people find you! 
  • By having a business page you can add the category of your business. There’s an option for dental offices. You can choose:  “Dentist & Dental Office”, “Cosmetic Dentist”, “General Dentist” or “Pediatric Dentist”. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OPTION. 
  • Website, phone number, address, and email: contact information is a must. You want people to have ways to contact you without having to go too far. Constantly look at this information and double-check that it’s accurate.
  • What services do you offer? What do you do?: Be clear about what you offer. Are you a specialist? This is the time to say that. Use keywords that describe what you do. Example: general practice, orthodontists, periodontist…
  • Call to Action: Direct people on what to do next. Maybe to check out your website for more info or to book their next appointment. 
Don’t forget this is the first impression people will get of your practice profile. Make sure you have all the important information. Once you have mastered your BIO it’s time to master your feed!

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