3 ways to generate & increase leads from your social media accounts

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What are you currently doing to generate leads using your social media accounts?

You might be scratching your head trying to figure out what you need to do to see results. Am I right? 

Do you daydream of getting inquiries about your treatments? Opening your Instagram and seeing inquiries after your recent post about crowns or Invisalign?

It all sounds amazing! And guess what? It’s all possible! I want to help you make that a reality. Social media platforms are incredible tools to grow your dental practice. 

 I’ll tell you 3 ways of making this happen THIS WEEK!


Do your patients and potential patients know what you have to offer? We need to increase the awareness around your services. You need to talk about your treatments and educate around them! Educational content will get you closer to generating leads from social media!

For you, it might be a no brainer what you offer. The sign outside of your office might say “General Practice”. Do people around you understand what that means and how you can help them?

We need to make sure it’s clear! We don’t want your patient to go somewhere else because they weren’t aware that you offer ortho too!

So…What does educational content do for you? Increases awareness around your services and expertise. It also positions you as a leader and expert in the field! It shows that you know what you are talking about!

You might say, “What kind of educational content should I be talking about?”

Start with what you want to sell more of and what treatments you already perform the most. Make a list of each! then every week pick a topic from each.

This way you aren’t only promoting a high ticket item!

Don’t forget about all those questions you get asked all the time! Create posts around what your patients are constantly asking you. What questions do your patients ask about your treatments?  Create a post or story about it.

Here’s an example of an educational post:

*Post taken from The Breakroom Membership


How often do you talk about your team members, practice, or YOURSELF? People buy from people, they need to trust you to buy from you. That’s why it’s so important to include personal content. 

The dental field is a unique industry, people have to trust you to stick around. If they don’t like you they will go somewhere else. We all know there are plenty of dental offices out there!

Are you asking yourself….”What kind of personal content?” Take them behind the scenes of the office, a look into your personal life, introduce your team members. Let your patients in, in more than just a DENTAL level…trust me, it will pay off!

Allow people to get to know you. If you don’t post content about your team or the practice, how can you expect people to feel drawn to call? Never forget people buy from people…

You can include personal content on your feed or your stories! Stories are a great place for this. 

Here are some personal topics to share:

  • Team meetings
  • Fun facts about team members
  • Your summer holidays
  • Behind the scenes at a CE event or someone’s birthday.
  • About you, do you have children? Married? Love to run marathons or travel?
  • Why did you pick the community where your practice is located?

This is only a short list of ideas, think outside the box, and get your team members involved.

Here’s an example of a personal post:

*Post taken from The Breakroom Membership


A call to action directs your reader on what to do next! At the end of your posts, make sure a strong call to action is added! If you are talking about whitening, encourage them to call to book an appointment. Ask them if they are interested or have any questions. This is how you will get the conversation started and generate leads.

People need directions in life, a strong call to action does that! If done right it can take them straight to calling you for more information.

Here are some examples of strong calls to action:

  • Give us a call at 000-000-000 to book your appointment.
  • Interested? Give us a call to get started.
  • How incredible does this before and after look? Let us know your thoughts below.
  • Have you ever considered _________ [invisalign, crowns, veneers, whitening]? What has stopped you in the past?
  • Head over to the link in our bio to book your next appointment.
  • Use our online booking system to secure your appointment.

Before hitting “share” on your next post, make sure you include a strong call to action. You can do the same on your stories and even reels!

Implementing these 3 tips gets you closer to generating leads from your social media accounts!

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