Want to grow your social media account? Stop doing this!

It’s time to leave bad habits behind and embrace ones that will allow you to grow your business and social media account! Here are the 5 things you need to stop doing!

Don’t use random and weak hashtags

Strong and well-researched hashtags will open the doors to the right audience. Every day I see more and more dental offices using weak hashtags. Hashtags that won’t get them seen and found by potential patients. To grow your social media account having strong hashtags is KEY!

What do I call weak hashtags? Hashtags that have been used over 5 million times, that are very general such as  #teeth or #thankful. You can use #teeth if you are mixing them with location-based hashtags or if you are looking to get seen by other dental professionals.

Dental Offices are location-based businesses. You need hashtags that represent that, it’s ESSENTIAL. Hashtags will get you found by new patients if used properly. You just need to use the right ones, the right mix of them. You also need to make sure they are aligned with your goals. Ask yourself, who do you want to reach and what do you want them to do with your account.

For a Dental Office, if you want to grow your business and get potential clients from these platforms, you need to be using the right hashtags to achieve that.

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Stop thinking “High number of followers will determine your success on social media

There was a time when the follower count on Instagram meant something. Today it doesn’t and it will continue to be like that in 2021, 2022,… and 2035.

Are you wondering, what really matters then? Followers that will convert into patients!  Quality followers are real people, within 50-100km of your practice, those who care about your content, who engage and interact with your posts.

From now on, I highly suggest you pay attention to your followers. Create deeper connections with them! Don’t focus on the number! You won’t get anywhere if you have 10,000 followers and only 30 care about your content. It’s better to have 300 followers and all 300 invested in your content and business.

Bots or companies that “HELP” you GROW

Bots will get you nowhere, especially if you want to have followers that convert into patients! One that cares about your business and you. 

If you want to grow your social media accounts, make it an organic growth. Engage with enough people that they turn into followers and potential client’s at your practice. 

There are many companies that say they will get you 1,000 new followers, for $10. If you dig deeper you will realize that they are all fake accounts. They are people from foreign countries who are definitely not your ideal clients. That’s not what you want! 

Take the time to engage and interact! Look for your ideal client and build relationships with them.

Don’t share random content that is not aligned with your Dental Practice

It’s time to leave behind posting dental humor 4 times a week. It’s time to create unique content. Content that represents your business. Vary your content, post a mix of educational, engaging and entertaining content! Keep it fun and unique. 

I see many offices post about the same topics every day! It’s KEY to take the time to educate your audience as well. Your audience wants more than dental humor posts and recipes (I see this one a lot too)!

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Share about:

-Treatments and services

-Team members

-Your practice (do an office tour)

-Before and after pics

-Patients reviews

-Community events

-Team events or CE course!

Your practice won’t stand out if you post the same content all other offices post about! Vary your content, keep it fun, unique, educational and most importantly consistent!

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Don’t forget about your followers! Take the time and respond to the comments they leave on your pictures!

This happens way too often. You say you want to show your patients you care about them. Well…answer their comments, questions, and private messages! When you don’t answer their messages it simply shows that you don’t care.

They support your business and comment on your pictures. Give them the respect they deserve.

TIP: after you post on your accounts, stick around. Make sure you engage with your audience. Most importantly make sure you answer or leave a message when they comment. SHOW THEM YOU CARE!

I guarantee you they will help you grow your practice if you use these platforms properly. Properly means with a strategy in place and with the right mindset. It’s important you leave these bad habits behind and embrace positive habits. Build good relationships on your accounts and showcase how incredible your practice is.

I hope you take the list and read it several times! Sit back and ask yourself if you were doing these things and if the answer is YES. Then today is the day to stop those habits!

Questions? leave them in the comment section!

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