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Why you need to use social media marketing for your practice!

How do you currently market your practice? Do you rely on word of mouth? Postcards or Billboards? What about social media marketing? Every dental office will be marketed differently but are they all profitable? Are these methods showing an ROI and are they still used these days? The marketing world is changing every year and […]

How to Build KNOW, LIKE & TRUST on social media

Do you think about building know, like, and trust with your audience when you post on social media? Have you heard about it before? This is incredibly important for you to know. This is the journey you need to take your followers through on social media if you want to generate leads. If you want […]

Must know about Instagram Highlights

Does your account have Instagram Highlights? As we know, Instagram and Facebook stories disappear after 24 hrs which can be very annoying. Instagram came up with a way of keeping these stories on your profile, they call it Instagram Highlights. You probably have seen them on others’ accounts or you might have them yourself.  Instagram […]

What you need to know about HASHTAGS for your Dental Offices

desk with a mug that says hashtags

You have heard about hashtags before, do you use them correctly? It’s very different for each industry. The types of hashtags that work for a restaurant or a clothing boutique won’t necessarily work for a dental office. You need to know the industry and your goals when using hashtags on Instagram. It definitely takes trial […]

What you need to know about Instagram Reels

Iphone with Instagram open

Instagram is constantly adding new features to its platform.  New fun and interactive ways to keep audiences engaged! The new Instagram feature “Reels”. Have you filmed your first reel yet? If you haven’t, this blog post is for YOU! You will learn everything you need to know about reels. As well as, how your dental […]

Create Captivating & Engaging Instagram Stories Today! Stories 101

Instagram stories are a popular feature on social media. More and more people take advantage of stories to educate, share personal content, behind the scenes footage, and build deeper connections with their audience. Do you use Instagram stories? And if you do, are you being smart with them? Or do you just post random content? […]

3 ways to generate & increase leads from your social media accounts

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What are you currently doing to generate leads using your social media accounts? You might be scratching your head trying to figure out what you need to do to see results. Am I right?  Do you daydream of getting inquiries about your treatments? Opening your Instagram and seeing inquiries after your recent post about crowns […]