Why hire a Social Media Manager for your Dental Office?

Are your social media efforts getting the results you want? Ever consider hiring a Social Media Manager? Maybe you are on the edge but are not sure if they can provide value? I am here to tell you…a social media manager is more than someone posting pretty pictures on your Instagram or Facebook page.

We all know by now social media marketing is a MUST for any business. Your reach and growth can be taken to the next level by having a social media strategy. Like I have said in the past not just posting pretty pictures but having a strategy.

The right Social Media Manager will:

~Create a marketing strategy that works for YOUR practice

They will analyze your overall goals and work by your side to achieve those goals.

~Help you and your business maximize reach. 

You want more patients! They will create strategies that will increase sales and more potential clients will be looking at your practice.

~Alleviate the stress of managing your social media accounts. 

Having a dental office is demanding enough. Don’t add social media marketing to the list! Open up some of your time and let someone knowledgeable handle this task.

~Make your office stand out online! 

You want your audience to have fun, learn and connect with you when they look at your social media. A social media manager will make sure of this! 

~Provide a cost-effective way to target your ideal client near you! 

A good SMM will research the best hashtags to target your ideal patient. Having well-researched hashtags will allow you to reach not just a broader audience but the right audience in your local community.

~Improve your online branding through consistent and cohesive content. 

Your brand will be recognizable.

~Develop a targeted Advertising program that will reach the right people. YOUR ideal patients! 

Facebook and Instagram paid ADS are another incredible way to reach your ideal client. Dental Offices are location-based and so are paid Social Media ads. We can tailor them to your business and target them to your community.

These factors not only will increase your sales but your clients will see a different side of your business. It’s hard to have a business and not have a social media presence! To be honest, you are missing out on new customers and connecting with your existing ones.

Many people check social media before visiting a restaurant, store or even dental office! People want to know what to expect before stepping in. I can’t blame them, I am one of those. I need to see what I am walking in to.

When it comes down to who to hire. Don’t just hire any social media manager, hire someone that is knowledgeable about both industries (dental and social media industry). Not everyone knows what goes on inside a dental office.

If after reading this blog post you realized you need a Social Media Manager for your Dental Office ASAP. Message me! Book a FREE discovery call and I will go over how I can help your practice grow. As well as how I can create the social media strategy your dental office deserves.

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