Why you need to use social media marketing for your practice!

How do you currently market your practice? Do you rely on word of mouth? Postcards or Billboards? What about social media marketing?

Every dental office will be marketed differently but are they all profitable? Are these methods showing an ROI and are they still used these days?

The marketing world is changing every year and even every month. What might have worked for your practice back in 2002 might no longer work. More and more people these days are going to social media to look for services and products. That’s why it’s important to have an online presence.

Do you have a unique and strong online presence?

If you aren’t using social media marketing yet, here’s why you need to change that TODAY.

Social media:

-Gives your brand exposure so people in your neighborhood and city know about you and your dental office!

-Allows you to build deeper relationships with your patients so they have no doubt about why they chose your practice!

Positions you as an expert so you are the go-to dentist in your city!

-Allows you to stay top of mind by showing up consistently in front of patients and followers.

-Allows you to increase your case acceptance rate. With social media, you can educate and increase awareness around treatments. Especially the treatments you are constantly diagnosing at your practice.

-Allows you to showcase the beauty of your practice without them having to come in.

What are you waiting for? Today is the day, open that social media account. If you have one and haven’t posted in a while, create a plan that allows you to show up consistently for your audience!

Social media platforms are more and more important for businesses, they aren’t going anywhere. It’s time for you to use them to your advantage. Grow your practice and community one post and story at a time!

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